Sobe Fresh

Sobe Fresh is an all-natural juice and smoothie bar. At its true core, it's more of a Miami lifestyle type of brand. They wanted to be able to go to different markets and have their brand be recognized as a Miami brand. With this in mind, I decided to stick true to the "Miami Vibe" and use the typical Miami colors. I decided to incorporate flat/iconic patterns to bring some depth to the brand. The brand itself has great flexibility to be used with many different patterns and styles. Designed while working at The Gab Group.

Sobe cover 2 Sobe logo 2 Sobe tanktop Sobe ig combo Sobe shoe Sobe shirts Sobe beachbag Sobe surfboard 2 Sobe store sign Sobe food Sobe bottles Sobe protein Sobe bags Sobe notepad Sobe bcard 3 mockup Sobe downtowner Sobe facebook mockup Sobe instagram mockup

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