Simply Peel'd

Simply Peel’d was an entire brand I created in college for a project. The objective was to take something from the dollar store, rebrand the item and to create an entire identity for the items under a new name and brand. The goal was to take something with a one-dollar value and create a brand to boost the overall value or the item. I was inspired by the colors of these peelers as they were bold but simple colors blended with white. They originally were just presented in a plain package with a basic description and black font. The colors to me really spoke up to what the items were and I knew I could in turn create something that would boost the value of these interesting kitchen tools. I wanted to incorporate a simple and fresh feel for the logo since these items were to be used on fruits. I created the name of “Simply Peel’d” to speak toward what the product was and really draw out the colors in each item. I also wanted to incorporate the function of the items into the logo by adding the peeled effect to the D. Once the logo and the brand were developed I moved onto packaging, which is where I knew I could really become creative. I wanted to keep the “simple” nature and put it to the test in the packaging. I stuck with the color scheme of the items and used that as the focal point for the packaging. I enjoyed taking a dollar store item and re-branding it into something more sophisticated and creating something that really spoke up to what the item itself was about.

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