Registry Finder

Registry Finder is a website based around searching for different kinds of registries. This project was taken on as a re-design beginning with the homepage to give it more of a user-friendly feel. The company’s main focus for their homepage was to accentuate the search bar, however all that was primarily offered on the site was the search element. The homepage originally featured a two-color style so the first aspect I added was a third color to help add dimension. I also incorporated social media and the blog section to allow for users to interact on various levels with the company. Lastly I added lifestyle photographs to the site to give more life and create a more involved look to the homepage. The overall approach for this project was to allow users to feel excited about using it, to give personality to the site, and to create something fresh without taking away from what the main purpose of the site is. Below you can see a before and after. Designed while working at The Gab Group.

Registryfinder feature 3 Registry finder homepage gif opti

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