One Market Real Estate

One Market Real Estate is a high-end luxury realty group. They focus on selling multi-million dollar apartments/homes in urban areas. The goal was to create a brand that would stand out from the typical real estate sector. The negative space of the N is crucial for this design. It is used throughout the collateral to build a pattern that mimics the side of a building in a city or an urban landscape. I used the neon green color to help the brand differentiate itself from the rest of the real estate industry that is saturated with blues and more hospitality-inspired tones. Designed while working at The Gab Group.

Omre cover Omre logo Omre letterhead Omre bcard Omre folder Omre sign Omre wall Omre magazine 2 Omre billboard 2 Omre poster Omre realtor sign Omre doorhanger Omre flag 3 Omre flag 2 Omre web Omre watch Omre coffeecup 2 Omre car

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