In Kale We Trust

This all-natural and fresh ingredient restaurant concept was something that I developed from the ground up. With this idea, all that was provided was a plan for an all-natural and modern restaurant. The entire focus for this was to make Kale the star of the show. In recent years what was once just a garnish has really made a name for itself in the health food world. This concept was meant to inspire not only your average “veg head” but also to create a fun and exciting personality for the restaurant. I came up with the concept of really highlighting vegetables as the stars and really giving them their own individual personalities. The main focus for the logo was to take two pieces of kale and merge them to create a heart and to really allow the vibrant colors of the vegetables to stand out. Designed while working at The Gab Group.

Kale cover Kale logo 2 Kale poster brocoli Kale poster pepper Kale billboard warhol 2 Kale ig mockup2 Kale ig mockup post turnip Kale ig mockup post corn Kale shirts2 Kale bcard Kale giftcard1 Kale giftcard2

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