Health Spot

Health Spot is a family owned and operated supplement and vitamin store chain with several locations serving the Metropolitan Indianapolis area since 1993. The goal was to give the brand a facelift, retaining basic elements while making the brand as a whole more approachable to a broad market. Health Spot’s original logo restricted the brand and confined them to a narrow representation. I simplified the logo and broke it out of its rigidity to create a more streamlined and relatable look that would attract both the typical “gym-heads” and the Average Joe. By keeping the color pallette true to brand, we were able to maintain customer recognition and create a more modern overall feel.

Healtspot cover r v2 Healthspot logo 2 Healtspot shaker r Healtspot bottle r Healtspot sign r Healtspot bcard mockup r Healtspot shirt r Healtspot poster1 mockup r Healtspot billboard v2 r Healtspot tradeshow v2 r Healtspot app phone burst r Healtspot app phone r Healtspot site r

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