AMAZTEA is an all-natural loose-leaf tea brand crafted based on the herbal remedies of Dr. Rengifo, a double board-certified physician and holistic specialist. The brand was market-ready but needed to be brought from the initial concept that had served as a preliminary homemade logo and into a refined look that would reflect a premium product and help the brand stand out from the crowd. I used simple geometric shapes to create a lotus flower logo that would serve as a natural element and reflect the use of high-quality ingredients in the tea without overwhelming the packaging. By keeping the logo minimal the branding can easily be implemented across products ranging from tea bags to billboards. The resulting look is sophisticated but unfussy, easily recognizable via the implementation of stark and strong linear elements.

Amaztea cover Amaztea logo Amaztea bcard Amaztea cans Amaztea mug Amaztea billboard Amaztea ig Amaztea web mockup

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