Ah-Beetz is a New Haven style pizza restaurant concept. This client presented an already completed logo but felt something needed to be improved. The original logo for the concept was a subtle brown and orange logo, not something that truly seemed to fit with the overall goal of the restaurant. Making a simple change from brown to black really created a stand out and bold image for the brand. Tied in with bold statements about flavor, personality, and style helped to really bring Ah-Beetz to life. Designed while working at The Gab Group.

Ahbeetz intro Ahbeetz logo 3 Ahbeetz busstopad 3 Ahbeetz busstopad 1 Ahbeetz busstopad 2 Ahbeetz ig phone2 Ahbeetz ig posts 2 Ahbeetz pizza1 wood Ahbeetz pizza4 wood Ahbeetz pizza2 wood Ahbeetz pizza3 wood Ahbeetz shirt  good Ahbeetz bcard good

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